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 June 1st

This is a month of JOY! I love it!!! JOY – JOY – JOY!!!

I have JOY way down deep inside of me. JOY floods my heart, my core. JOY is in the marrow of my bones. JOY is in the cells of my skin! JOY – JOY – JOY!

God has poured this wonderful energy of JOY into me. None other could give me such an incredibly remarkable feeling. Like the song says, ‘The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away.’

JOY is from The Creator! We receive JOY as a gift! All I know to do is to treasure this feeling of absolute contentment. It feels like rain slowly trickling down my face. It feels like the comfort of fresh sheets on my bed. It feels like the huge warm hug from a child. It’s amazingly sensuous. I have JOY in the roots of my being!

God granted me JOY to experience this life with unconditional Love. JOY seeks Love in its purest state. JOY finds Peace in every encounter. JOY is Harmony in grand style. JOY simply is my preferred state of being.

I shout aloud my Gratitude for this indwelling JOY! Oh Thanks God for this awesome phenomenal gift. I sing Praises to The Most High. I AM filled to overflowing with JOY! Thanks Allah for this dynamic treasure. My heart is filled with Thanksgiving. I know it is from The Source because it is absolutely complete within itself. I need nothing else when JOY is present in my life!

O, Thanks God. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!

Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

Praises, Praises, Praises!!!




April 29th

I give that which I desire to receive. I give compassion to others freely. I am compassionate with folks I know and those I do not. Compassion is a sincere feeling of unity and connection to the Universe.

I feel compassion for the student learning a subject in school. I give compassion to persons experiencing challenges in their life. I share the gift of compassion with the homeless, down trodden, the ill and those not understanding their true Source. I shower compassion on my loved ones.

Compassion is a gift I can share openly and honestly. For I sincerely care about the well being of my fellow human. I can hold with them a vision for a different lifestyle; one that is filled with hope and dreams. I can offer a helping hand when needed.

My compassion is generously given to others. I may be required to listen. I may be asked to assist with a situation. I may be needed to hold them in prayer for a brighter outcome. I do what I can knowing that as I help my fellow human I am serving them in a loving manner.

Is there someone who could benefit from your compassion? You may know someone who is too stubborn to ask but you know they would benefit from a good healthy dose of compassion. Go ahead and send it out to them anyway. They really do not need to know what you are doing. It is your responsibility to help and to serve others. Give compassion unconditionally.

Choose to be led by compassion today. Show your true concern about another’s well being and comfort. Do what you can without violating the other person.  They have a right to experience life in their own terms but you can help, silently.

I thank God for my gift of Compassion and I choose to share it freely.


April 24th

Humor is healing. Humor heals the soul and the heart. Humor expresses itself as healthy cells in your body.

Give it an opportunity today. With every situation you face today, attempt to see humor in it. If you are experiencing an especially trying day emotionally, then this is a very important exercise for you today. Laugh in the face of adversity. Make a joke of how incredibly serious you tend to be about every thing going on in your life. Loose the control tendency today. Do not be in control, just relax.

Here is an example for those of you who can’t seem to figure out what is being discussed here. Say for instance you are running late for work. You head out already concerned what your boss is going to say to you as soon as you arrive. You are driving along when suddenly out of the blue a car crosses over in front of you and cuts you off. If your immediate response would be to give them an unkind finger gesture, this time send them a smile. Say a prayer and think about how you could make this into a comedic situation. I know it’s a stretch but do it anyway.

You receive a call that the family needs for you to stop by the store on your way home to purchase something. You really wanted to get home to see your favorite program tonight, Afterall this is the last game of the season. That’s right make it humorous and you will arrive home in plenty of time to see the full game and not be consumed with anger.

Your friend calls with yet another sad story about the same thing you have been hearing for months. Make it into a joke and tell your friend the joke with the best possible delivery from you. Make the characters up, change the scenery, you will bless your friend to see why this is not so serious anyway.

I love humor. It is an elixir to the soul. You cannot experience negative emotions when you are laughing and enjoying life. Ease someone’s life today, tell them a good humorous joke and share in the real Joy of life.



April 20th

I choose to express Love at all times. I choose to shower Love on all situations and conditions that do not appear as loving. I can and do make a positive difference by insisting all my actions are predicated in Love.

The Peace I have is non-negotiable. Peace is a gift from The Creator, it resides in your inner most being, your inner sanctuary. Peace is a permanent state of mind. I do not voluntarily give away my Peace. My Peace is a prized possession and I truly treasure it. Oh Sweet Peace. Peace Be Still is the name of a gospel song that lets you know that when you have Peace, it stills all the turbulent conditions in life.

When we choose and allow Peace and Love to guide us through this journey of life, our life becomes filled with serenity and security. We realize that nothing can disturb us as we remain vigilant on establishing our life in complete Peace and Love. There is an air that enfolds us in assurance and confidence. It is the gift of The Most High God blessing us.

As we stay centered in this attitude nothing can harm us. We have a protective shield all around us that can not be penetrated by any negative gestures of another or ourselves. If we have an inclination to slip from this chosen path, we will be swooped up in a magical movement to remind us that we can no longer go backwards.

I Am anchored in Peace and Love. I Am Peace and Love. I radiate Peace and Love. I attract Peace and Love. I accept Peace and Love. All that I Am is Peace and Love.

Sweet Peace, Radiant Love flows from and through me at all times. I give thanks to The Source for my indwelling Peace and Love.



April 19th

I envision a world of pure, true acceptance of each living being into a family of absolute unity: A family that does not judge; a family whose lifeline is unconditional love, whose actions are based in truth.

I can create this masterpiece for humanity by my concentrated efforts of allowing every person I know and encounter to be them self. I contribute to the unity by my thoughts, words and actions. I surrender all need to judge people in any way.

I offer my best at all times. In this act I am always encouraging and offering support to others. I am compassionate towards others. I do whatever I can to make life more peaceful and enjoyable for each person that crosses my path. My journey is filled with wonderful opportunities for me to share from my place of goodness. That is all I choose to share with others.

The unity I desire to manifest is evidenced in my home first. My family is my priority and I choose kind and loving words to express my thoughts to each member. I encourage and support each task that is undertaken. When I can offer a helping hand I do so willingly.

I create acceptance and unity by focusing my thoughts, words and actions in positive affirmative ways. I see no separation between myself and others. I accept others by choice and conscious decision. I know, trust and believe we are all here at this appointed time to serve one another. To be of good cheer at all times is my goal.

I Thank God for giving me the opportunity to be a creator of this new world of Acceptance and Unity.



April 16th

We can create change in the Universe by simply changing ourselves. We are the beginning point of all that is to transpire through transformation.

How will you affect the change you wish to see manifested in society? Will you choose to be more loving and accommodating? Is your choice for more peace and harmony? Can you demonstrate complete acceptance of all others?

We each must make a decision on where we stand within the context of humanity in a global consciousness. We can create a better environment. We can build a world society of mutual respect, complementary honor and trust. We begin right where we are.

We can destroy all limiting thoughts and behaviors that create separation. We can choose to love unconditionally. We are a part of a global family that seeks unity.

Today I make a conscious decision to be a change catalyst. I Am the human expression of The Creator and with this endowment I serve my fellow human in the most loving and accepting way possible.

I accept personal responsibility to create a better me. As I grow and expand, I am an example for others under my influence. I realize many are watching my actions. I choose to be my best at all times.

Yes, today I begin my life as a change catalyst. I serve in this role humbly. I envision a better world filled with Peace, Love and Harmony. I take action to manifest my vision into reality. I can and I will.

I Am a Change Catalyst.


April 14th

Dreams are the opening to awesome possibilities. In our dreams there are no limitations and no fears. Dreams are freedom of expression.

Have you ever awakened and thought to yourself, ‘WOW that was a wonderful adventure I had in that dream.’ And you just sit on the side of the bed attempting to remember each detail of the dream, thinking how incredible it would be if it became your reality.

Dreams are not limited to a night time activity. You can dream anytime you choose to do so. Visualization is a form of dreaming. You can give yourself permission to dream and realize a different life at your will. You must be bold to dream. You must truly desire what you dream and it can become your reality. So why not give it a chance to operate in your life.

I choose to dream of the life I desire. In my dreams I see everything clearly. I also leave space for The Infinite One to bless me. I am open and receptive to receiving all that I can imagine and more.

In my dreams I travel to foreign lands and discover new frontiers. I learn different languages and can communicate easily with my new friends. It is amazing how similar everyone is, we each desire the same thing, Love. I see the beauty in every face I encounter. I hear the voice of family in the words they speak. I love being in this new land. I enjoy the food, the customs and the culture. It’s exciting, new and glorious!

What do you desire to be manifested in your life? Go ahead and dream it into reality. See it, be it, feel it, live it. Put all the characters in place. See it in living Technicolor. Feel the energy, experience everything about it. Go to your dream as often as possible and live the excitement. Explore your dream with the expectation that it will manifest for you. Take off all the limitations, go outside the box. This is your private journey to an abundant life. Your dreams can become your reality if you just believe in its power.

Thanks God for my ability to dream large! Thanks God for Blessing me!