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 February 25th

I am comforted by God’s hands.

I am held in the loving arms of God.

God wraps me in the warm, golden glow of Love. I feel incredibly protected by God’s presence in my life. I am safe. I Am God’s child.

The hand of God touches my inner soul and soothes every care. I am touched and made whole and complete. God strokes me gently to assure me everything is already alright. The hand of God wipes the tears away. The hand of God is sturdy. I am held in these Loving hands and Peace permeates my core. My Spirit is refreshed and rejuvenated. I love the feel of these awesome hands upon me.

The mighty arms of God cradle me and rock me. These arms are massive and hold the all of humanity in them. God created me to glorify the Kingdom of heaven here on earth. The arms provide the extra strength as I go through all situations. I am shielded from hurt and harm as I am being held tightly in the arms of God.

I thank God for all. I thank God for protection. I thank God for loving me. I thank God for soothing me. I thank God for this awesome unconditional LOVE. I thank God for my life. I thank God.







© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 24th

Today, think on and repeat these seven words as often as you possibly can.










You will begin to notice a shift occurring. You will feel lighter.

Please define these words for yourself. I am providing my definitions to help you get started.

Life – a free gift from God

Light – illumination

Love – unconditional

Wisdom –applied knowledge

Joy – heart felt happiness

Peace – calmness

Truth – God is……

Surrender all concerns today and think on these words.

Submit yourself to their Upliftment and encouragement.

SMILE, and the whole world smiles with you.

Be empowered with positivity.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 23rd

You can manifest miracles when you truly trust and believe you can. You have the power within you to change mole hills into mountains. You can create heaven here on earth. Yes YOU!

“Use Spirit as a resource not a refuge”, my friend Pamelaia Sanders said to me a few months ago. I thought how incredible that is because we frequently do not use Spirit to benefit us but to provide us with an escape mechanism for procrastination. Yeah, yeah I know you know what I am talking about.

For instance: You can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens you; The Kingdom of God is within you and man is created in the image and likeness of God. Have you ever heard any of these? They are all paraphrased from scripture. But how often do we attempt to give away our power as if we have not already been told repeatedly that ALL POWER IS WITHIN US.

You can manifest miracles today, right now. You must decide you can and you will. Miracles do not need to be some great big thing. Miracles can be overcoming an obstacle that you have allowed to stay in your life far too long; anger, unforgiveness, vindictiveness or greed. It will feel like a miracle when you let it go for good. It feels like a relief in gigantic proportion. Just let it go!

Today I give up all excuses. I allow unlimited goodness to radiate through me. I accept the blessings God has for me. I Am worthy and deserving of ALL the good God has for me! I claim it. It is mine. It is done. I give Thanks to The Creator.

This very moment I choose to: MANIFEST MIRACLES.


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 22nd

My brother, Imam William Saafir inspired today’s message. He shared with me a project that he was spearheading in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area in Texas. When he first told me the name of the project, Unity in Community, it simply resonated in my Spirit. I thought this idea is awesome.

Then I looked closer at the words and saw Unity actually ended the word Community. So, ah ha, it is so, it is already done. What an awakening for me to see this in front of me.

How do we create this scenario? How can we ensure we reach our objective? I believe it begins with the thought, with the intent to create it. Then we proceed with our words. We share the idea, the dream with as many like-minded individuals that are put on our path to accomplish the work. Have you ever noticed that when you get an idea all the resources are suddenly made available to you?

Next we take deliberate action to create this utopia in earnest. We take seriously the work that is before us to do. We pray and consult with the most qualified of all, God. We give thanks for being blessed with the concept. We accept the guidance given to us in meditation. We know we are doing mighty work that will affect trillions of people, today and tomorrow. We know also the work affects generations past because they laid the groundwork and the foundation for us to build upon. We give Thanks to the Ancestors.

We do not deviate from the sincere belief that it is possible and can be done! We gather the troops and fortify our forces. We align with each other and agree on the best approach and outcome, always with the benefit of the masses in consideration. We are building a future. We are creating a mass consciousness of creativity and oneness.

Are you part of the plan? Will you aide the building of



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 21st

Today I Am centered and anchored in the Love of God, The Creator, The Most High. Today I celebrate my connection to The Source of all life. Today I choose to be centered and anchored.

I begin with prayer and meditation. I close out the very active world around me. I still myself in Peace and Calm. I am drenched in Love and Truth. I Am centered and anchored.

I joyously give a hearty shout out to the Universe telling of my Gratitude for my mere existence. I allow the words of Thanksgiving to flow freely from my mouth. I willingly open up my mouth to proclaim that it is indeed, ALL GOOD ALL THE TIME in my affairs. I desire for all those around me to feel my contagious Joy! I am excited about living.

I remain in an attitude of gratitude throughout the entire day and into the evening. I look for ways to demonstrate my Love, my Joy and my Peace. I want to touch as many as possible with Positive Uplifting, Encouraging thoughts and words today. I want to spread an epidemic of Love, Happiness, Peace and Unity. I choose to do this for my neighbors, my co-workers, strangers, my friends, my family and my loved ones. I want to be responsible for the quickest spreading infectious influence on the planet.

I Am Centered and Anchored this day. I freely share. I freely give. I freely Love without condition or restriction. I Am Centered and Anchored today in God’s Abiding Grace and Mercy. I claim it as my rightful inheritance.

I give Thanks.

I am Thankful.

I Am Centered and Anchored.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 February 20th


W.O.W. or Walking On Water.

Have you ever had one of those occurrences in your life, where something you do is extremely grand? And you instinctively look around or think to yourself, who was that? It was you! We can have difficulty in believing we can accomplish anything of grand magnitude. But let that be what has happened in the past for you. Believe in yourself, believe in your power.

We simply forget ‘Who’ we are. We are created for greatness. We have been ordained to accomplish whatever we can believe is possible. It is in you and in me. We can have all that we desire. We must first believe that we can have it. It is that simple.

Walking on water is such an incredible journey. You are encouraged and inspired to release all limitations you have placed on yourself. Sometimes it may come just because we have gotten tired of the same old routine. Or we get to the cliff of a mountain with no way out. Suddenly we realize we must take action. And it can feel as if you are either walking on water or air.

At this point you can choose to have faith and trust God to hold you. Or you can choose something different that robs you of your power. I choose to believe that God wants more for me than I can imagine. That the whole Universe is waiting on me to act. To get to the edge of the mountain and not have any other way out other than to trust the process and go forward.

I love these moments in time and in my life. When things are going well I am not stretched. When things are smooth I forget I can fly. When things are fine and dandy sometimes I may forget to give Thanks for the ordinary stuff of life –breath and a beating heart that circulates blood in my body, or beautiful surroundings that pleases me.

So today, I pray I can say W.O.W  a hundred times and truly mean it!!!


February 19th

Have you ever been away from the comfort of your home for an extended period of time? Like going on a long vacation or being relocated to a new temporary job. When you arrive home all you want to do to climb into your own bed because you have missed it so much. Nothing ever feels like your own bed. You look around and say, “It is good to be BACK HOME!”

You can also experience that same comfort when you allow yourself to travel to your inner most core of Spirit. There is such a welcoming there for you, you feel safe and secure. You know that is where you truly belong.

Today I go BACK HOME. I love the feeling of being in this place of serenity and peace. I love the feel of my home. My home is my heart. My heart is the dwelling place of God. God is the center of my life. I am BACK HOME with the presence of God.

BACK HOME, I sure have missed this place. I appreciate being here. I am grateful that it is still a place I can enter into with safety and confidence. My Home is filled with Love and Acceptance.

God is MY HOME. I prepare to lay down for a good night’s sleep. I snuggle up with God, knowing the warmth I feel will carry me through the night. I love the feel of God next to my heart and skin. I feel God’s Love radiating all over my body. I tingle with excitement. I prepare myself for a restful night because I Am………