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January 17th

D Dynamic
R Reality
E Evidence

The other night as I watched one of my favorite sitcoms, Will and Grace, it ended with an outstanding statement. The statement Will made was, “Dreams are like feathers, if you have enough of them you can fly!” WOW!

What are your dreams? Are your dreams dynamic, out of the ordinary?
What are you doing to make them into your reality? Are your thoughts evidence of your dreams? Do you believe in your dreams? Do you have faith enough to manifest them into reality? Do you truly know YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU ASK FOR? God is waiting to Show Out as YOU IN EXPRESSION!

Dream Big. Dream Bigger. Dream even Bigger. Now you have the idea. God is the Source! The Creator of ALL THINGS desires for you to live a full life! Whatever you ask for, believing it is done, you shall have.

I dare myself to dream BIG! I dare myself to achieve that which I have envisioned! I dare myself to proceed in Faith! I dare myself to trust the INFINITE INTELLIGENCE!







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 January 16th

This is a brand new day. Yesterday is finished and tomorrow is yet to unfold. What will we do with this gift?

I choose to live this day to its fullest. No regrets, no would’ve or should’ve are allowed. Today I give my 100% attention to each activity I undertake. Today is well lived by me.

This day I set priorities based on what I have determined to be of importance to me. Today I release. Today I embrace. Today I Am my Best!

It’s a brand new day. I will show more compassion. I will demonstrate unconditional love. I will honor and respect all others. I live this day in complete integrity.

Today I know, I AM A CHILD OF GOD! I declare my worth is priceless! I deserve and willingly receive abundance and prosperity! I AM HEIR TO THE KINGDOM!

           It’s a brand new day. I appreciate Life. I give Thanks. I am made new. I am filled with JOY! I am excited and enthusiastic! I am grateful!




© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 15th

Today I celebrate the great Trail Blazers, the Faithful men and women who did not give up or give out.  I salute the many glorious humans that paved the path with sincere Love. The brave souls that maintained courage through the work they chose to do.  I give honor and thanksgiving to those individuals who kept on keeping on through the storms and the droughts. Those who knew a better day was coming.

Today I sing praises to my Great Grandfather, Rev. Henry L. Williams, known as the Black Angel who helped build and establish churches in central Louisiana. A man who unselfishly gave so fully of himself to the benefit of others. An ordained Minister who loved all of God’s children and made his conscious contribution to humanity.

This day I say a prayer to thank my Grandmother, Mama Rosa, by being the Proud Lady that always demonstrated Unconditional Love to others. A woman who knew Whose she was, a child of the Most High Creator. A woman who did not and would not settle for anything less than respect by all who would interact with her.

Today I am grateful. Today I remember and sing praises to each of my Ancestors and to those who have gone on before me. I bring to my mind the lessons learned and the love received from each of them.

I thank God for the many who served as my extended family that I called, God Mother or God Father, brother, sister or friend. I am blessed to have had the honor of truly getting to know folks that showered me with their sincere Love; my younger brother Rudy, my step father and step mother, Aunts and Uncles, my grandparents and my parents in law. So many I cannot list them all here, however I gratefully acknowledge in my prayer time.

I thank God for the time I experienced with each of them. I thank God that I knew how to express Love to them. Thankful that I was Blessed with their presence in my life. These individuals are my heroes, my heroines, my Ancestors!

Today I say Thank You to my African Ancestors. I do not know their names, but I felt their presence while visiting in Ghana, West Africa. And to other Ancestors whose identify I am unfamiliar with, I say Thank You for Life! I say Thank You for the blood that runs through my veins that is part of you! I am Thankful for my German blood, my French European blood, my Choctaw blood and my West Indian blood. I AM THANKFUL!

Take a moment and remember your family and friends. Celebrate your cherished memories.



© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 13th

What have you been blessed with? Do you share your gifts freely with the Universe? Have you taken the time to learn all your gifts, to discover new talents?           I am blessed to write in a plain and simple language that all can understand. I allow God to express through me in my writing. I know this is God’s work. It’s effortlessly done through me. In doing this Ministry I write, actually I sit at the computer and simply touch the keys and the thoughts just flow! I do not strain, I simply allow it to happen through me. As an author I pickup pen and paper and am always amazed at the results.

Are you blessed to bring Peace into a situation? Do you walk into a room and Peace and unity is restored? Do people seek you out when they have a troubling situation they are dealing with? Does the room hush when you enter? Do you radiate Peace?Are you a Compassionate individual? Is your gift in listening without judgment? Do you demonstrate compassion without effort? Do you just do it?

Is working with the youth your gift? Do you have such an incredible gift to love children that all you do focuses on the welfare of our children? Are all your thoughts on making this a better environment for the children?

Can you design clothing? Are your artistic talents so keen that folks seek you out? Do you sit and the ideas seem to flow through you? Is creative expression your cornerstone? Is visualization your gift? Do you see what others cannot? Can you envision with clarity exactly what something will look like?

Are you a gifted speaker? Can you be called upon at a moments notice to deliver a talk and do it without fear or effort? Do you enjoy your gift to speak with others? Is your delivery made with clarity?

Are you an organizer? Can you take an idea and put it all together for successful completion? Do you do this without much stress or thought?

Are you a gifted Spiritualist? Do you see the Super Natural? Do the Ancestors and Spirits speak through you? Are you a healer? Does your touch just seem to heal others? Can you radiate healing through various mediums?

Do you enjoy making money? Do you joyously look for ways to do that? Is generating solid money substance flowing freely a worthy goal for you? Do you get excited about making money?

Are you a thinker? Is sitting until you see the whole picture your gift? Do you analyze the situation with ease? Are you a transformation specialist? Desiring more for others than what they can see for themselves?

Are you a song writer, a composer, a producer? Is Music your bestowed gift? Do you love to create heaven, audibly? Do beautiful melodies just flow through you? Can you hear the soothing beats and bring life to them?

Your gifts are to be shared with humanity. God has Blessed you. Do not hide your talents. Share your talents, knowing that you are Blessing others.

What are your gifts?




© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 12th

I have enlisted JOY as my constant lifetime companion. I am filled with Peace and Life with my compassion. I am never alone. I Love my companion. My companion keeps watch over me, day and night. My companion is fully trained by the ONE SOURCE, GOD.

           I have found this new companion to be the best I have ever accepted into my life. My companion, JOY, is always a willing vessel to express Life to me. I see everything differently. There is so much beauty all around me.

As I began to write this, I opened up the drapes in my office to allow the great sun rays into the room. There sat the most beautiful specimen of GOD, a wondrously clothed CARDINAL! Her color was awesome. A deep brilliant RED! Clothed like none other I have ever seen before. She sat on a branch appearing to be starring into my house, into this particular room. I was awe struck by her beauty. I just smiled with my companion JOY.

The dog next door was barking, loudly and constantly and there were cars passing down the street. But this incredibly beautiful creature looked so Peaceful and Serene, allowing nothing to disturb her Peace! I watched and learned another lesson in life. We can have and hold Peace! We can experience JOY anytime we choose. The barking of dogs or the activity of another need not disturb us.

          JOY and I sincerely appreciated this glorious vision. We will think about if often throughout this day.

My lesson and blessing today comes from a bird. I always take my clues from wherever or however God chooses to show them to me.





© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

 January 11th

I am having a party today and you are invited. Fun and a good time are guaranteed. Bring an open heart as your gift. Wear your beautiful smile. The time is now and always. The address is my place, your place, our place. Just be sure to attend.


                       The music will be PRAISES OF THANKSGIVING, HOPE, RESTORATION, and FAITH.

             We will dance together as a community of folks who LOVE, LAUGH and LIVE TOGETHER IN HARMONY.

             Your gift take away goody bag will be filled to overflowing with ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY IN HEALTH, FINANCES AND RELATIONSHIPS.

             The guest of honor will be YOU! Yes your life is worth celebrating and being grateful. Your life has been what it has been to bring you to this place in history. You have learned valuable lessons. Possibly made some choices that you now think were not the best. To the contrary those decisions and the lessons learned have helped to mold you into the FANTASTIC INDIVIDUAL YOU ARE TODAY. So let’s just forget about the past.

Today we celebrate Life. Giving heartfelt thanks for our existence. Thankful to be alive in a time such as this. Thankful that we have survived to be able to experience another new day.

I feel like a party! I want to shout and dance as loud and as hard as I can. I want to dance until my legs give out. To shout until my voice is but a whisper with hoarseness. I want the world to know how excited I am. Will you join me? Will you celebrate today? Today I am throwing a party and all are invited.





© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

  January 10th

Curtis Mayfield produced this song many years ago. I remember when I first heard it, how soothing it was to my spirit. Today as I think on the words, I am reminded that life must be all-inclusive.

New World Order to me means I must create a New Life. This New Life is for everyone not just for myself. It means that my goals and dreams must include the masses. I can no longer think only of myself. I must ask myself, how is what I am doing affecting and effecting the whole of humanity? Am I contributing to upliftment? Am I changing bigotry and hatred? Do I see the goodness and acknowledge it? Do I encourage others to be their best? Do I honor myself, respect myself, and love myself?

As we begin a New Year let us remain vigilant in creating a New World Order. We, you and I, can do this, in whatever small or large way. Our impact is very important. We begin with ourselves. We learn and grow in positive directions. We release old worn out belief systems that limit our thinking. We release old emotions that have stolen joy from us.

I visualize my success. I visualize my wholeness. I visualize my JOY. I AM LOVE. As I allow my greatness to shine, the path is enticing to others who want to follow. They follow because they have always desired to do so just did not know how to. They follow because they understand your light even though they might not be able to express their own. So they are watching as your light shine more and more brightly each day. Choose to be a positive example. Create a New World Order where you are right now; in your home, on your job, in the community, and in your neighborhood.

I can create a New World Order. I choose to be the change I desire to manifest for humanity. I unconditionally accept others as unique expressions of life and love. My New World Order embraces everyone. My circle grows wider and wider with diversity. I accept young and older, I accept male and female, I accept ALL. I do not judge based on appearances or any other outside influence. I simply accept, that is my contribution to creating this newness. I express gratitude in all my interactions. I am made anew while establishing my personal New World Order.