May 3rd

My life is a wonderful gift from GOD! I choose to live it honorably. I choose to love fully, expanding imposed limitations. I Love my life! I cherish my life!

I do not take my life for granted. I Am wise and know that I Am richly blessed and endowed with a tremendous opportunity to contribute to the well being of humanity. It may be the simple gift of bringing Joy to situations. It may be to remind others of their connection to the One Source. It might just be that wondrous smile that eases the tension in all conditions. It may the spoken words of encouragement and support. However it appears, it is a gift to me and I use it as my expression to others.

My Life; now that is a powerful thought. What am I doing with my life? Am I truly living the life I desire? If not, do I spend time in prayer asking for guidance and direction from The Creator? Is my life filled with faith and truth? If not, am I seeking a different way? Is my life lived in JOY?

Oh how precious is my gift of LIFE! I cherish my gift. I savor my gift. My life is a great gift, a joyous present. I enjoy my life at all times. My life is filled with laughter and joy. My life is spent sharing with others. My life is a testimony to the Goodness of God. My precious life is a gift!

God has and is blessing me. Each moment of breath is a gift. Every ounce of blood that circulates through my body is a gift. The movement of all my limbs is a gift. The ability to think and reason is a gift. The fully functioning bodily organs that cooperate with each other in making my body move about without any strenuous energy on my part is a welcomed gift. This body temple operates according to the Master’s plan and I rejoice! I rejoice because I do not have to figure it out, it just works in its OWN divine way.

YES I know my life is a pure and true gift! I accept my life as a genuine gift and treasure it immensely. I Thank God. I THANK GOD. YES I THANK GOD FOR MY LIFE!!!




May 1st

May is a month to accept miracles as a part of our expectations. That which we expect will manifest for us. I accept an abundance of miracles to be manifest in my life!

Miracle is defined as an event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws; a remarkable thing.

The Universal Omnipotent Creative Source is ready to bless you with Miracles! The size of the Miracle depends largely upon you. What you think about and concentrate on is what will be produced in your life. You are already blessed with the Miracle of Life. For Life itself is beyond scientific explanation. For how do you explain this wonderfully crafted vessel we call a human body. Scientists are continually finding out new things about the human body. And probably until the end of times will these highly intelligent individuals be searching for all the answers as to what truly makes us operate the way we do.

I am expecting Miracles to be manifested in my life! I give Thanks every single day for this gift of Life. My first response to waking is Thankfulness that I was granted yet another day to live and breath; to live a brand new experience; to fully love all that is within me and around me. I give Thanks that I remain aware that all of everything is a Miracle that The Most High has created to bless me with. I give Thanks for I know, trust and believe that I do not do it alone! God is always with me, guiding and protecting me, that is Miracle enough to sustain me.

My Miraculous Provider is Awesome! I give Thanks for the Remarkable Presence and Power that gives me LIFE! I Am a Miracle! I Am a living Miracle! I Am a Loving Miracle!!! Thanks God!



April 30th

You are witnessing marvelous miracles manifesting in your life today. We give thanks for the abundant blessings flooding you this day!

You have allowed yourself to act upon those things revealed to you through your intuition and have reaped bountiful blessings in the process. You have meditated and prayed, you have listened very carefully to that still small voice within you. All your answers have been revealed to you to create the life you desire.

Give thanks that the voice of intuition has shown up for you. You have obediently listened and followed through on the advice and hunches given to you. The little voice has served you well in helping you to get exactly where you are destined to go. You have maintained Faith in knowing that your dream is worthy for you to achieve. You have kept Hope alive for your dreams.

Intuition is the Spiritual Strength that we require to keep us moving forward and reaching our targets. Intuition is always available to us to guide us and lead us farther and farther to higher heights, sustaining us in a vibrational energy of possibility. It serves us as we allow it to be real and trust it is alive within us.

Just continue to still yourself, void of all outside distractions. Meditate often as you are formulating new thoughts and ideas, new hopes and dreams. Listen and heed to the instructions given to you. Some of the times what is revealed sounds very strange indeed, but listen and obey. You will be greatly pleased and blessed in the process.

The Holy Spirit speaks to you through your intuition. This is God’s radio channel to the highest and best for you. The Creator reminds you of what you promised to accomplish when you came into this world through your intuition. Trust your intuition! Honor your intuition! Thank God for your Intuition!



April 17th

I Am actively IN-volved in my life and affairs. I accept full responsibility for whatever is present today for I know I have created its existence.

I Am the master of my fate and the captain of my ship. I declare a thing and it is so. When the appearance is not what I truly want, I choose differently. My words and thoughts have tremendous power. I think a thing and it is done. My duty is to keep my mind stayed only on the things I want! I no longer concern myself with what is lacking because I know it was my concentration on them that kept them a part of my reality. I deliberately focus on my desires. They are manifested as I believe. I choose to believe I am worthy to receive from the richness of the Universe. I accept God’s Grace and Mercy to guide and direct me.

I Am IN-volved in making wise choices for myself. My words are positive and life affirming. My actions are a reflection of my deepest desires. I see that which I desire in its finalized condition. God promised it is done according to our belief. My belief is bound in faith and trust. I know I can have every good thing I desire. I give my full attention to the realization of my dreams. I think on these things, I visualize these things done. That is my job to do; to maintain a positive expectation and thus it is materialized.

I Am co-creator with God for my life. I know that just as God has clothed the fields with beautiful colorful flowers God surely will clothe me with my desires. I meditate on Love, Peace, and Harmony. I am a vigilant guard of my thoughts, words and actions. I am accountable and responsible for what I do, think and say. Those actions have a direct effect on situations occurring in my life. This is my life; I design it according to my beliefs. I choose to believe in unlimited goodness, abundant riches, opulent prosperity, magnificent miracles and unconditional Love!

I Am IN-volved in my life. I actively pursue Happiness and Harmony. I treasure Truth. I completely accept Abundance. I pray for Peace. I participate in Prosperity. This IS my life! I create the most magnificent existence possible for myself.



April 13th

Like going to the doctor for a yearly physical check-up, today I give myself a Spiritual Examination.

I take time to be still and listen for the voice of God. I meditate on Love and Peace. It is this time of devotion that I am reconnected to The Source of all life. This is time spent in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. I check in and am still.

As my temperature is taken I know this is a reflection of my attitude towards life. Am I running a fever or right on the mark? My attitude is positive. My attitude is loving. My attitude is peaceful. My temperature reflects my feelings of an attitude of gratitude. I am thankful for my life.

Next I weigh in on the scales. My weight reflects the burdens, or the lack thereof, I choose to carry. I am filled with joy that I have not picked up any additional weight. I have learned how to eat properly from the goodness of life and do not allow burdens to weigh me down.

My blood pressure is symbolic of my expression to the Universe. It is in a perfect range. I go with the flow of life by demonstrating unconditional love for each and every person and situation that appears on my path. The same blood that freely flows through me is the same blood that flows through others, it is the awesome free gift of The Creator.

As the Doctor checks my reflexes, I see they are perfect. The Doctor looks into my ears and there is no blockage. I hear with understanding and wisdom. I seek first to understand, I do not force my opinion on others. I listen carefully to what is being shared with me. My ears are clear.

My heart beat is strong and powerful! Thanks God for this wonderful instrument that knows how and when to circulate the force of life in my body. My heart is my center and it is filled with complete acceptance and unconditional love.


My Spiritual Examination is complete. The Master Doctor said “You have done a Great job in keeping your body fit and healthy.” I smile and think to myself how proud I am of myself for being my best at all times. My exam shows my efforts of the daily work I do.



April 11th

Do you always tell yourself the truth about the things you do? Have you developed a habit that allows you to slight the truth to you?

I stay in absolute integrity with myself. Even if it does not look like love I remain true to myself about the intent and outcome of my actions. I understand and know that I cannot hide from myself. Therefore I begin today to always tell myself the truth.

There may be times when I choose unwisely or react out of fear to certain situations. By staying and insisting I act in integrity I can begin the process of discovering who I really am. I dig deep and question my own motives and intentions. I unleash and release the hidden fears that have served to numb me to certain potential harm. When I decide my actions were not based in unconditional love, I tell myself the truth about it. Next time I will choose differently.

By practicing the art of telling myself the truth I can build upon my self accountability. Others have no control over your actions. How you react is your sole responsibility. Discovering why you do what you do will aide you in making wiser choices the next time it appears in your life.

As we become consistent in always being in integrity with ourselves we can more easily begin to always tell others the truth about a situation. We learn to express more honestly and perhaps with more love and compassion. We find we no longer have to defend our actions because we have already questioned our activities and know completely what motivated us to do what we did.

There is freedom in being in integrity with myself. I feel better and better each time I insist on telling the truth to myself. Integrity is helping me to be exactly who I choose to be.



April 10th

Evolving is an act of movement. It is neither stagnant nor dormant. Evolving is growing and expanding. Evolving is action.

Each day I am evolving. I choose to evolve into an enlightened individual filled with unconditional love, peace, harmony and acceptance. As I evolve I entertain higher insights. I continually strive to stretch wider and wider to grow more and more. I take this evolution seriously. I seek knowledge and wisdom. I feast from The Source all that is good and honorable.

I evolve with great expectations. I thrive for excellence in my endeavors and growth. I give my best efforts in evolving into a better human. I stay focused on positive outcomes and hold only positive expectations. I am growing. I am allowing my light to shine for myself and others. I light the way with truth, humility and justice. I am a beacon of unconditional love and appreciation.

I evolve with a knowingness that God is in control. I summon the energies of my ancestors, spiritual guides and Masters. As I evolve certain habits, traits and ways are transformed and now greatly benefit me in a new way.

As with a butterfly, as my metamorphosis is completed, the result is a uniquely new beautiful creation. A new look and a new purpose are now mine.