Each visit to the nail salon is always the same. The technician removes the old polish with a solution. Next is the cutting and filing down of the over grown nail. Once the old layers are removed the technician will massage and pamper you. The final stage is the application of new polish followed by the Top Coat, which protects all the work that has just been completed!

God is the Ultimate Technician!

God is carefully removing all the old layers with a Spiritual solution.

God is filing away all the old, over grown, unnecessary doubts, worries and fears. God is cutting away the feelings of unworthiness and despair. God is clipping away at the ingrown insecurities.

God is massaging you with Unconditional Love. Pouring the oil of Forgiveness on you and rubbing you with this essential element so that it is absorbed into the very fiber of your core.

God is pampering you with Joy, Peace, Harmony, Justice and Hope! Making sure you are Satisfied!

God then lavishly pours on and applies the Top Coat of Grace and Mercy!!!

This Top Coat serves as a protectant to the new layers that have been graciously applied with loving care and generosity.



This story was shared with me in sincerity and wonder of how God gives us signs all the time, it is up to us to recognize them.

There was this building which had several trees in the surrounding yard. One was recognized as needing to be cut down. It was not a priority and something the inhabitants of the building said they would get to some day.

And they kept putting it off. That is until one day when the rains came and caused the tree to fall upon the lines running directly to the building. The tree was rotted, the potential danger had been seen just not acted upon. All power to the building was disrupted.

The lesson that became very obvious for the storyteller is that is exactly how God does with us. God gives us warning signs, telling us things have become rotten, can be dangerous yet we ignore the signs. Then one day, our power is pulled. We can no longer call upon the power that once was available to us.

What are you ignoring that requires your attention today? How is your prayer line, your communication with Infinite Source? Are you staying connected through deliberate prayer and meditation? Are you permitting other things to interfere with your connection to The Most High?

Do not allow the storms of life to come along, uproot and unplug you. Have an emergency plan that prevents you from losing all power. Keep that plan in action. Commit that plan to memory.

An emergency plan that always works is:



How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you missed the meaning in an exchange of ideas? You say never? Okay then allow me to tell you about my missing the obvious. Names are withheld to protect the innocence of the persons involved.

I visited with an elder who had recently become a widow. His wife had made her transition to the other side of this earthly experience. They had enjoyed a very long time together as husband and wife, many years of bliss and happiness, rearing a family of several children. They always expressed love to each other and people that visited with them.

I was there to express compassion, or so I thought. I was ready with my words of comfort and insight. Ready to say whatever needed to be said to offer a ray of hope that life continues even in the midst of our losses. I was honored to be able to help!

Well even in our times of good intentions we must listen! We must be willing to release our preconceived notions of what is the perfect thing to say or do and just BE with the other person. This is a lesson I will always remember because it brings such joy and love to my heart.

So anyway there I stood in a position of pure love and concern for my elder. I heard him praying and saying, “Lord Please!” And he kept saying that same phrase over and over. My mind thought he wanted to be with his wife, on the other side. So I just sat there praying for words that would uplift. After a while I asked him what his thoughts and prayers were. He laughed at me and asked me the same question. When I had answered him, I repeated the question back to him.

His response was, “I need a woman in my life”. I said okay that is understandable, he had had this woman in his life since he was a teenager. So to now be without her must be difficult. But instead of fully being there with him, I asked him had he given any thought to having a pet. Afterall, a pet could give a person some companionship.

He looked at me and said, “What didn’t you understand about what I told you? I said I need a woman!!!”

I was so thoroughly tickled. I just laughed. Actually I hollered, burst open with laughter!! How could I not understand that he still had feelings, he was still alive with emotions? He felt safe enough to share his deepest, inner most desires with me. What an extreme honor!! So I promised to take him out cruising the next opportunity I had.

The lesson here is, do not get caught up in YOUR perceptions!


Release your attachments to how it has always been done; how your family always did it this way. It was done in perfect order by your family and was appropriate for that time. It is now a new day, requiring a new thought and new actions.

We have computers that allow you to contact someone instantly. There is no longer a need to write and send a handwritten letter unless you choose to do so.

We have microwave ovens that give you the convenience of preparing a meal in a fraction of the time it did years ago. There are frozen meals that you can purchase in individual serving sizes.

There are so many advances in technologies that were not available before. Your Grandparents may not have thought that people would be walking down the streets with cellular telephones up to their ears. Or listening to music on a little contraption called an IPod or MP3.

Yet we insist on doing some things the same as when our family did not have these modern items. Just perhaps you are the revolutionary leader selected for your family to change that thought process; to be the way shower in stretching to a new way of higher thoughts and actions. Perhaps you are the chosen one to say to your family, Let It Go!  Let us think and do a ‘new thing’. Let us believe we can and teach our babies they can. Let us eat healthier because the processing of foods has certainly changed. Let us not destroy our bodies with processed food from the fast-food chains and restaurants. Let us claim our sanity and refrain from being entertained by the television.

Are you up for the opportunity to serve your family? To serve future familial generations?



As I approached a traffic signal, I noticed a beggar, a pan handler in the middle of the street with a sign and cup asking the motorists for money as they stopped for the signal. When this man got to my car and asked me for some change, I began an interesting dialogue with him. I did not look away as if I did not see him nor was I upset by what he was doing. Instead I graciously spoke and entertained a conversation with him.

When he asked did I have some change for him, I told him he should be the one giving me some money. We each laughed and he said, “You know you are right. The next time I see you I will give you some money!” He stood there by my car and we talked for the entire time the traffic light was red for me. Other cars were blowing their horns for him to come to them and collect the money they had for him. Yet he stayed and talked with me. We had a wonderful time together. It felt good to me to treat him like just another human being. I was not repulsed by him. I simply accepted him and that simple gesture made him feel acknowledged.

As I got ready to move on because the traffic light had changed to green, he said, “I will be like Robin Hood for you. I will take from the rich and give to the poor.” This was a remarkable man that felt good about the thought of being able to help someone else. There was a glow about him as I drove away and we were both smiling.

I remembered that I may not have always reacted this way. I remembered that at one time I would have looked the other way and pretend I had not seen him there begging for money. This time was different and I am glad about it. This man was happy that someone took the time to talk with him, even though he did not receive any money from the exchange. And if I never see this human again, I know I made a positive difference in his life for just one day. This one act of kindness made him smile!

I give Thanks for accepting I can surrender to my preconceived notions about what someone else should or should not do and accept them for who they are.



September 1st

The original thought for September’s theme was Success. However the more I thought about it, it seemed what most need to do is to surrender to success! That we must surrender our fears, to either failure or success and proceed from there. We must truly know our worth and feel a sense of deserving the best. We are an heir to the Kingdom! The Fullness is ours! Will you, can you accept it?

We each have dreams and goals, yet we seem to procrastinate in doing the things that will bring us to that place of success. We put it off, say we will follow up at a later time or simply ignore the blessings that are put on our path. Perhaps we feel ill at ease for desiring more than what others have experienced either in our birth families or with our circle of friends. Put that all aside and make a decision to be the one who sets the pace for others to follow, set the example for excellence.

So the next time you meet someone who says they can help you achieve your dream, schedule an appointment with them right away. Or you happen to find a business card of a person that you met who is an excellent resource, follow up with a phone call to them. You just never know what could happen.

Surrender your fear, surrender your thoughts and surrender your way to Success. Allow your actions to match what you have determined to be most important in your life. Know that you are being guided and protected from On High! Trust that the Universe is waiting for you; to be Successful, to follow your Dream, to become the Greatness you were created to be!

Be engulfed, entrenched in Success! Open up to the vastness of the Universe! Know YOUR rightful place is called SUCCESS! Feel the completion of a JOB WELL DONE!

God, The Most High, The Benevolent One is supporting YOU!


In preparing certain metals it is necessary to melt them down to achieve the purest form of the metal. The treasure is inside the precious metal.

There are times when we humans must go through a melt down to achieve our purest precious state of Higher Consciousness. There may be layers of negative build up residing in our thoughts. We may have corrosion in our expectations. Rust may have eaten away at the core of our perceptions of life and living.

Let us prepare for the melt down. Begin by uncovering all the stuff that resides on the surface and then dig deeper. Change that frown that has served to keep people away from you into a warm welcoming smile. Take careful study of how you react and interact with people. Start warming up the pot.

Lets get a little deeper, are there still hurts and pains from the past that you have not forgiven? Will you now release the person and events from that storehouse of negativity? Will you replace the memory with thoughts of love and acceptance?

And now let us go even deeper. Still hear the deafening words of those that belittled you and made you feel less than a person? Are you still angry that those mean spirited people were able to do that to that small defenseless child? Forgive them. Forgiveness is for you not them. Send them prayers of peace and blessings.

And deeper still, abandoned or abused as a child? Not encouraged, never a positive word spoken to you, never noticed as an individual? You are now fully grown and can forgive and release. You can choose to love and live in harmony with your thoughts and feelings.

Now the pot is at the boiling point. Step in fully knowing the pure essence of your beauty that will be brought forth from the fire, the big meltdown. Treasure and appreciate your glory and splendor. Own your life with respect and dignity. God has blessed you and no human can take that away from you. Yes you may give it away to someone however no one can take it from you.

Rejoice in Who You Are. A precious and rare Jewel in God’s Kingdom.