November 1st

This month of the year we are centered in being Thankful. We are Thankful for the very gift of this life and all it has for us.

We are Thankful to The Creator for creating us just as we are. We are Thankful to live in such a time as this, full of wonder and modern technology. I can think of someone and within seconds I can send an email letting them know just how much I care about them. Although I still enjoy writing letters because it shows I thought enough to sit down with a pen and paper and compose something special just for that person.

We are Thankful for each and every thing that is currently present in our lives. We are Thankful because our thoughts have placed them here with us. We are Thankful because at any given time we can change the appearance of things by choosing to change our thoughts. We are Thankful that The Creator designed us that way, divine and perfect.

We are Thankful for our earthly parents that chose to participate in our coming forth in this world. We are Thankful for their presence and contributions to who we are now. We give Thanks for however they have shown up for us, it is exactly as it is, just for our growth.

We are Thankful for the multitudes that have graced our path, giving us precisely those things we desired at the time, whether they are blessings or lessons. Each came with their unique gift for us.

This month we simply celebrate each day with Thanksgiving. We give Thanks as our demonstration to The Most High of our sincere gratitude for our gift of life.

Thanks God. Thanks Allah. Thanks Jehovah. Thanks DAO. Thanks Buddha. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

The Most High is worthy to be PRAISED.


November 9th * * * Daily IN-spiration


© Sandy Rodgers Ministries

  November 9th

Today you have permission to boast that you are worth it! You are worth a grand life, living in abundance and prosperity in all areas. You are worth accomplishing that dream. You are worth the unconditional love of others. You are worth peace and harmony. You are worth the time and effort. You are worth life and breath. You are worthy!

Stand up straight! Shoulders back with head held very high! Strut with the air of confidence that acknowledges your acceptance that you are worth it! You are worth every good thing.

You have been created like none other. Your life is a miracle and you are an unrepeatable expression of The Most High. You are worth this gift of life. You are worth living. Your life has meaning and purpose. Your life has value. Yes You are worth it!

I keep repeating to myself today that I Am Worthy. I deserve to live a full and happy life. I Am heir to this earthly Kingdom. I Am deserving of the best life has to offer. I Am Worthy! I Am Worth It!

Yes God, I accept my value. I give Thanks for my placement in Your Kingdom. Yes God, I have been appointed by You to be an example of Unconditional Love and Acceptance. Yes God, I Am Worthy of full expression of my divinity and connection to The Source. Yes God, I am ready to shout and proclaim – I Am Worth It!!!

I say this today as my prayer out into the Universe.

I say this today as my Affirmation and Confirmation.

My thoughts, words and actions today reflect my confidence in knowing I Am Worth It!

I Am Living proof of the Goodness of The Creator! I AM WORTH IT!